New Jersey's

Top Cannabis Cultivator


ZY Labs is building a state-of-the-art vertical, indoor cannabis farm that will evolve into the gold standard, not only in New Jersey, but across the United States.

Our facility has been precisely engineered and meticulously designed to operate at peak performance year-round — becoming an artisan quality factory that grows, dries, cures, trims, and packages 100% certified kosher cannabis.

Consumers of ZY Labs products will become raving fans about the quality, consistency and effectiveness of our flower and ancillary product line. Whether ZY is providing a solution for pain reduction, assistance with sleep, inflammation, appetite stimulation, relaxation, focus, or increased spirituality, end-users will always rest assured they are consuming the best, safest and most reliable cannabis brand in the market.

In late 2021, ZY Labs was awarded a highly coveted license for medical cannabis cultivation — one of 37 allowed by statute in the state of NJ. In July 2022, an amendment was authorized which allows ZY to double its original canopy size to support adult-use cannabis.

The Facility

Our facility will be constructed in two phases. Phase 1 will support a 20,000-square-foot medical cannabis flower canopy. Phase 2 will add 10,000 square feet of medical cannabis canopy and 30,000 square feet of adult-use cannabis flower canopy. ZY Labs is setting the standard for cannabis cultivation east of the Mississippi.


The cannabis industry is large and growing nationally, with New Jersey poised to skyrocket due to its controlled rollout plan.

$ 0 B
Projected U.S. cannabis market
Legalized states
Licensed dispensaries in NJ
Cultivation licenses awarded by statute (one of which ZY Labs possesses)
Patients with medical cards in NJ
0 %
CAGR projected $43B by 2025


Highest-quality cannabis cultivation

To learn more about our operations, please contact the ZY Labs team to receive more information.